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Morning report for the final day of the Hobie Fishing World Championship

With competition cut short by 2 hours today due to strong wind warnings the anglers will have their work cut out for them trying to get their bags by 12:00. Spirits were still high this morning as the wind can bring the fish and by and large the anglers are just happy to get out there for another day of fishing.
Scott Baker (AUS), former World Champion, is currently in seventh position and said "he was happy with where he got yesterday and just glad to be going out again today, there's still a good chance that some heavy bags will come in today, when Marlo goes off it can really deliver". 
Richard Somerton (AUS) the current leader by 800 grams said of the weather that "hopefully no one goes over today. It's going to get nasty. We're going to get pasted!"  Adrian Baguly (Thailand) pointed out that "at least at Marlo their are places to take shelter and work under cover, whereas when the wind came up at Bemm River we just got hammered".
Darryl Head, yesterday's Daiwa Hobie Kayak Bream Series, Grand Final leader said that he was going to try for a repeat of yesterday and head back out to the lake and just see how far he can go with the weather as it's going to get rough out their.
It looks like he'll have company as David Morris (UK) said he was just going to throw a grappling hook onto Darryl's yak and just follow him around all day. Jason Meech (AUS), currently third is also looking to head back and sit in the lake all day as he was with Darryl when he pulled his big one there yesterday. 
Kevin 'Kevlar' Winchester (AUS) is also planning to head back to the lake and "just empty out the tackle box and throw everything at it". He's looking forward to the breeze stirring up the fish and said that if the wind does get hairy, it'll be important for the guys to be sensible and think about it to make sure that everyone get's back in one piece.
All in all it looks set to be another interesting day on the water.



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